Nipawin Saskatchewan
Hunting Nipawin

The forest areas north, east and west of Nipawin are opportune places for the avid hunter to target big game animals. Among the game hunted are moose, elk, white tail deer and bears. The antelope and Barren Grounds Caribou are the two big game animals not present in the northern Nipawin area. In the surrounding area, a variety of birds can be hunted including sharp-tailed, ruffed and spruce grouse in which the spruce grouse can only be hunted in the North Game District.

For the non-experienced hunter or for persons preferring a guide there are hunting outfitters. They provide both accommodation and experienced guiding for hunts that can be from 3 days to 11 days long, depending on the type of animal being hunted.

Zone 43, 50 and the Fort a la Corne Wildlife Management Unit lay in the North Game District. Environment Canada requires hunters to provide samples of the animals they catch in this area because of intensive surveillance efforts. For further information on specific seasons, restrictions and limits on animals hunted call the Saskatchewan Environment Office in Nipawin at (306)-862-1790.

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