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Foreign Investment Strategy

Economic Advantages:
The Town of Nipawin is located 2.5 hours north east of the City Of Saskatoon at the intersection of Highway 33 and 55 in the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan.


Transportation - Emerging Markets

Climate change is delivering new life to the Port of Churchill and it's potential impact on both the Canadian and American Economies has been recognized. In the path of this new reality lie the Town of Nipawin.
Highway 55
Existing transportation corridor development plans include major development of Highway 55 through The Town of Nipawin and then on to Churhill. The Town of Nipawin has been working closely with the Hudson Bay Route Association ( representing interests in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) to bring this vision to fruition.

Saskatchewan’s Northeast holds some of the Province’s most significant undeveloped coal reserves, some of the Province’s best silica deposits and the Star-Orion kimberlite deposit, one of the world’s largest kimberlite fields.

Untapped resources combined with a beneficial Provincial tax structure and an extensive infrastructure base hold the promise of quick success as these areas come into full development..

Saskatchewan Minerals Map - Provincial View Minerals Map, Nipawin Region

Saskatchewan’s Northeast hosts the Star-Orion kimberlite deposit, one of the world’s largest fields.

pdf document2013 Shore Gold Environmental Impact Study
Government of Canada


Saskatchewan’s Northeast holds some of the Province’s most significant undeveloped coal reserves.

Saskatchewan’s Northeast hosts some of the Province’s best silica deposits north of Hudson Bay.

A Peat deposit near Carrot River is driving success for a local business

pdf document Mining Potential Report

Dump Truck
Coal Deposits Pasqua Hills Minerals
Pasqua Hills Mineral Map
Oats Barley Canola Wheat
Clover Field Peas Hemp Cattle
Bison Flax Rye Forage
Wheat Grass Garlic Seed Potatos Cabbage
Spring Wheat Swine Sheep Dairy
Elk Deer Emu Ostrich
Honey Fish Fry    


pdf documentSask Agriculture Cluster
Opportunities for Agri-Value Growth


Forest Fibre Potential

Beef Processing Plants

pdfIsland Forests Management Plan
Environment Saskatchewan
Forest Management - Fort a la Corne

pdf documentTwin Lakes Destination Area Plan
Nipawin/Carrot River Regions

“A tourism destination area is a geographic area in which attractions, businesses, residents and regulatory authorities work together to deliver distinctive, high quality services and experiences, capable of attracting and holding significant numbers of visitors, from both within and outside the province.”


Tourism Potential Report

Twin Lakes Destination Area
pdf documentMunicipal Debt Limits Report
This report explains the policies and processes that comprise debt regulation of urban governments. Initially, the report was organized around answering the question of why the utilities-based debt is included in the debt-limit calculation. Analyzing the policy and speaking to municipal stakeholders, made it clear that municipal concerns about debt-limits are much broader in nature.
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Municipal Debt - Saskatchewan

pdf documentSaskatchewan State of Trade
Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership

Saskatchewan’s current state of trade has largely been influenced by recent major global transitions, including the occurrence of the recent economic downturn, the rise of emerging and transition
economies as major players in the world economy and price fluctuations experienced by major commodities.

In 2010, Saskatchewan exported $24.2 billion worth of goods to international markets. Recent growth in exports is fairly consistent with export growth over the last ten years. However in 2008, Saskatchewan prospered with record setting trade activity, with exports reaching a staggering $29.6 billion.

Per Capita Exports

pdf documentSask Trends Monitor
forging ahead

Over the last two decades, the province has gone from an
overall trade deficit of $1.6 billion in 1991 to a trade
surplus of $6.7 billion in 2010. Figure 2 shows that this is
because of an improvement on the goods side of the
equation, both nationally and internationally. The deficit
in services

Key Indicators

pdf documentManufacturing Labor Market Survey
Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership


pdf document Population - Region (2011)


pdf documentSaskatchewan Manufacturing Directory


Manufacturing Potential

Labour Market Survey

Biomass projectNipawin Biomass Ethanol Project

Ethanol from Forest and Agricultural Residue:
Nipawin Biomass Project

Biomass Project Blog - Renewable Energy Lawyer



pdf documentHydro Generation Capabilities

BioMass Conversion

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