Building Permit Guide

When completing a Building Permit, there are some general provisions that apply to all projects:

  • Make sure all the forms are signed.
  • Professional design / stamped drawings are required if:
    • Screw piles are being used (except for noncovered decks)
    • The occupancy will be Assembly, Care or Detention, or High Hazard Industrial: regardless of size or,
    • The building exceeds 600m2 in area or three (3) stories in height, regardless of occupancy; or
    • If the Town of Nipawin or Building Inspector require professional plans be submitted.



  • For projects where blueprints don't have to be created by an engineer or architect, blueprints can be hand drawn or computerized.  In either case, the blueprints must show:
    • Floor Plans
    • Building elevations
    • Exterior wall cross/section
    • Cross section of building
    • Foundation/structural details
    • Electrical and mechanical drawings
    • Ventilation form


  • May Require
    • Engineered stamped drawings or letter
    • Fire Protection Plans